Gundam 00 S2 25: Rebirth

Ribbons Almark comes in the scene with his own Gundam, Ribbon Cannon, which doesn’t need the backup of Veda.
Ribbon Cannon
Ribbons starts intense shooting with his fangs, guns,shocking wires and cannons, and one of the beam hit Double 0 Gundam’s left leg.
Shocking wires
Later on, Ribbon Cannon transforms into a gundam, which is unexpected bt Setsuna. He notice that Ribbon Cannon also has Twin Drive. The Celestial Being thought they are the only one that has this technic.
 Hilling and Revive arrive and help Ribbons. They destroy Double 0’s shield.
Double 0 got owned
Later on, Lockon and Allelujah are called to help Setsuna.
Lockon and Cheridum
Although Cheridum is badly damaged, Lockon pulls Revive away from Setsuna and starts an 0ne-on-one battle. Meanwhile, Allelujah has changed into Hallelujah and fights with Hilling. In less than two minutes, Hallelujah pulls aparts Hilling and cuts the pilot room into half.
Hilling dying
When Hilling dies, Ribbons gets mad and shoots fangs at Hallelujah and the fangs badly damage him. Therefore, Setsuna stops getting reinforcement from Hallelujah. In the other battle, Lockon only has a second of Trans-Am left. He suffers many attacks fom Revive and when Revive think he can K.O. Lockon,  he uses his last second of  Trans-Am. 
Cheridum damaged by Revive
Lockon dodges Revive’s attack and faces the back of his suit. Lockon pulls out his gun from Cheridum waist and stuff it into Revive’s pilot room. Lockon shoots so many times at him and destroys Revive.  Go back to Setsuna, after Hilling and Revive die, Ribbons truns on Trans-Am, follows by Setsuna. In the middle of an intense battle, Tieria comes in and distracts Ribbons. Meanwhile, R2 (Gundam Exia) is called to be prepared to launch.
Ribbons and Tieria
When Ribbons gets back to focus on his fight, Setsuna starts innovating.
Pure Innovator
When Ribbons trys to slash Setsuna, he disappears from the battle scene as GN particles and reappears behind Ribbons. Setsuna cuts Ribbons with his GN sword and Ribbons cut off Double 0’s left arm in return. Double 0’s left arm contains the original GN-Drive, which is one of the most powerful ones.
Holding Double 0s GN-Drive
Ribbons escapes from Setsuna and returns to the Veda base. He finds 0 Gundam accidently and puts in the GN-Drive.
0 Gundam
When Setsuna wakes up from his short faint, he realizes that Ribbons has driven in the 0 Gundam. So, Setsuna goes back to put the remain one of the Twin-Drive into R2 and pilots it to destroy Ribbons.
Gundam Exia returns
Setsuna slashes 0 Gundam Cockpit in a straight line and Ribbons cuts Exia Cockpit in diagonal in return.
Exia Cockpit slashed
Setsuna pulls out his third generation of GN sword, which has some green colour of the side, and prepares to launch the final attack.
Final stance of ExiaCharging attacks
Exia releases GN-particles in 0 shapes. After both Gundams are charged, they dash into each other at a high speed.
Charging at each other
Final Duel
The result is Setsuna pokes through 0 Gundam Cockpit with his GN Sword and Ribbons Almark dies. However, the lazer sword of Ribbons only misses Exia Cockpit by so little and Setsuna faints again.
K.O. RibbonsFainted Setsuna
In the end, Azhistan is rebuild, as well as the world.  Saji and Louise are in a hospital and find out that the GN particles in Louise’s body aren’t spreading anymore. They stay together and talk about world issue.
Saji and Louise
Lyle Dylandy goes to visit his love ones at a grave. Anew has a separate grave, not with the Dylandy family.
Lyle at cemetaryAnew Returner's grave
Marie and Allelujah, and maybe Marina travels with some children to I don’t know where.
Marie and Allelujah
Tieria combines himself with Veda and plans not to come out untill the world is in danger or another dialogue is said.
Tieria combined with Veda
Patrick and Kati gets married. Billy is researching when Graham arrives in the back.
Patrick and KatiBilling and Graham
 Setsuna, and the  rest of the Celestial Being crew, includes Lyle, but not Marie and Allelujah, heads for Jupiter for another mission. Setsuna
The Celestial Being crewJupiter
This will happens in 2010, in the Gundam 00 movie.
Movie in 2010

– by Timmy Yeung


Gundam 00 S2 18: Mixed Feelings

While launching all the pilots say the names of things that are important to them.
Saji: Louise
Louise: Saji
Andrei: Mother
Soma: Colonel
Allelujah: Marie
Lyle: Anew
and then the last two just totally killed the moment.
Tieria: Veda
Setsuna: Gundam

GG no RM   XD
good game no remake!!!

Setsuna always say Gundam. He also says “I am Gundam” a lot. =3=



This is the 0-Raizer, which pilot by Saji Crossroad.

00 Gundam

00 Gundam

This is the 00 Gundam, which hasn’t dock with 0-Raizer yet.

Double 0-Raizer

Double 0-Raizer

Double 0-Raizer/ 00 Raizer is the Gundam 00 dock with 0-Raizer.

The docking process of 0-Raizer to become Double 0 Gundam. Also,notice that each Gundam get extra weapon and equipments for the final mission!!! From episode 22
Setsuna: Double 0, Setsuna F Seiei, launching
Saji: 0-Raizer, Saji Crossroad, heading out … Er …
Saji: Haro, 0-Raizer docking mode
Haro: 0-Raizer, docking mode



Trans-Am System

Gundam Exia first activation of Trans-Am

The Trans-Am System is a system that temporarily removes the ‘limiter’ on the true GN Drives. Under normal operation, the limiter reduces the output of the GN Drives while the drives themselves store up any excess GN particles created. With the limiter deactivated, the GN Drives can then operate at their full power by releasing all of their stored particles instantaneously. These stored particles saturate the frame of the mobile suit to give it a reddish hue, and the abilities of the unit are increased threefold while the system is active. However, this boost in performance is only temporary as once all the released energy and particles dissipate, the GN Drives must replace the spent energy and the unit will perform at a reduced capacity until the energy is replaced.

When activating a Trans-Am System

When activating a Trans-Am System


Episode 24: Trans-Am BURST

Apparently, Setsuna has changed into a pure Innovator. He is reached another level of power and speed by turning on the Trans-Am BURST, which a system that can only activated by a pure Innovator. Double 0-Raizer’s Trans-Am BURST system power is enough to defeat the other two innovator with their Trans-Am on. His level is way higher than Ribbons Almark, who is the creator of the Innovators. However, Ribbons lost his direct connection with Veda. Tiera took advantage of this rejection and connected himself with Veda.

Trans-Am BURST is a system that can burst out infinity GN particles. In the video, you can see Double 0-Raizer’s twin drive burst out two circles of GN particles. When you look from some distances, you can recognize it is actually the sign of infinity. During the BURST, Setsuna is about to hear other people talking and aslo talk to other people. It can also make distraction to the Innovators, which increase the chance of Celestial Being to defeat or destroy them. The system also recharge GN particles for other gundams. So basically Double 0-Raizer is untouchable when it activates Trans-Am BURST.


Setsuna F Seiei

Setsuna, pilot of Double 00 Gundam.

Setsuna, pilot of Double 0 Gundam.

The protagonist in Gundam 00. He is the pilot of Exia in Season 1 and Double 00 in Season 2. He is a Gundam Meister who belongs to Celestial Being.

Do you think he is the coolest???

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